Iris’ Producer’s Diary (2013) — First Entry


Dear diary,

It has been 5 years since anyone last updated you (and what an update it was!). Now that the new website is up and running I have decided to revive the old Producer’s Diary. My name is Iris, and I have been LEF’s Producer this year.

A lot has changed in LEF land in the last 5 years. For starters, we now have an official board. The first LEF Board consisted of Eva Wijman (Artistic Director/President), Anne Fleur den Haan (Producer/Secretary), Liduine de Graaff (Treasurer) and Myrthe Brouwer (PR Officer). Affy managed to reel me – unsuspecting Props Master and Stage Manager – in as Producer, and the other Board members followed soon. You can find their names and contact information under the About Us tab, should you be in desperate need to email them.

I have learned a lot as Producer. I was thrown into the deep end, but I think I managed to keep my head above water (yes, metaphorically). Our first production, Twelfth Night, was an especially steep learning curve, and I think my fellow Board members will know I bluffed my way through many a confrontation. By the time A Midsummer Night’s Dream came around, I actually felt like I knew what I was doing. Not true, of course, but ah well.

Now both productions have come and gone, and we are left with the memories, the photographs (check them out under Albums or on our facebook page!) and a nice profit. Still ahead: selecting next year’s directors – no pressure or anything. By the way, anyone interested in directing can still submit their CV and motivation to the Art Director or Producer before June 12. Chance of a lifetime, right?


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  1. Manuela says:

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    Sunday 23 June starting at 3PM

    See for details

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