Much Ado About Nothing – the Aftermath & Things to Come!

So the wonderful creation of Ms. Kala Anaya, with indispensable input from Ms. Rose Stegeman, was a great success! Barring the usual flurry of theater-y madness and chaos, things all in all went smoothly for LEF’s Much Ado About Nothing. The audience seemed pleased enough and, well, that’s what we aim for! For more details feel free to check LEFs very own YouTube page or the album on this site for photos.

Rehearsals took a temporary haitus for things like exams, Christmas and a general lack of a play to be working on, but these will kick off soon! Indeed, the LEFers rarely sit still for long and work will be starting soon on Ben Jonson’s Volpone. This masterful piece on human instincts, emotions and sin will be brought to the stage by Ms. Anne Fleur “Affy” den Haan and the wonderful Ms. Lotte Lemstra. We hope to see you, lovely reader, at one of the performances in May! If you wish to join or get in touch, send an email to

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