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LEF is proud to present to you: The Great Gatsby!
Let yourself be brought back to the year ’20s through the music of George Gershwin and meet timeless characters as created by F. Scott Fitzgerald in this play adapted for stage by our director Matt Cannock.

The show will be staged at Theatre Ins Blau (Haagweg 6, Leiden)

Price for students: € 10,00
Price for non-students: € 12,00
You can buy the tickets online at the following links for the three different performances:

Friday the 26th at 20:00

Saturday the 27th at 15:00

Saturday the 27th at 20:00

Or you can reserve your tickets by sending an email with the number of tickets you would like and whether you are a student or not to:

Check out the FB page on the event for updates:


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